Saturday, 9 January 2010

To begin....

The dog or domesticated wolf, is an animal of unmatched beauty. Where else in the animal kingdom might you find a creature with poise to match the muscular grace of an Irish wolf hound, or hair to surpass the radiant brown and white coat of a Springer spaniel? Yet so many members of this distinguished species do not receive the attention they so rightly deserve. Why this is the case is beyond us, but rest assured that this space will be used as a platform to solely exhibit dog related material.

This blog has been created to showcase our favourite dogs, for they are special to us and more than deserving of a mention in our dog blog. Personality, defining physical attributes and skills will all be recorded here and when possible, portraits will give you the chance to admire these fine animals. We are undertaking this task because dogs are, on the whole, enamoured beings that provide us with unconditional joy.

In addition to profiling dogs we already know, the British Isles will now be explored high and low for other mutt's of a most interesting nature. Join us on our dog watching journey as we make friends with canines from all walks of life.